About Project Blue


Raising awareness of the damage that plastics are doing to our oceans.

Project Blue is a collective group of people who are making changes to the way New Zealand uses and disposes of single use plastic, and documenting it all as we go.


Over the next 3 years we will be travelling to different destinations in New Zealand and around the world documenting the direct affects our plastic consumption and waste is having on our seas. We will be filming the sad and heart-breaking truth about the impact of our plastic waste on the ocean and all that lives within it. Naturally, we will be showcasing the beauty of our oceans and we hope to inspire and bring people closer to the environment this film is trying to protect. Alongside travelling the world and filming, we will act local and be talking to NZ companies on how they can reduce and even completely switch from using the plastic packaging that is damaging our environment.


The film: Our goal is to bring all the work of Project Blue team members from our trips and campaigns and turn it into a film.  Our hope is that the film will be streamed on a New Zealand Television Network in November 2020.


The beginnings of Project Blue were in an experience our founder, Savannah, had while travelling in Cambodia. She went to a dairy in a remote part of Cambodia and bought an ice block, she unwrapped it and asked the shop owner where the bin was to put the plastic wrapper. The owner then scrunched it up into a ball, walked outside and threw it into a paddock next door to the dairy. This paddock was completely full of plastic, so much so that you could not see any grass.


This made her think about the world’s plastic and exactly where it is all going.


After arriving back in New Zealand, Savannah carried out some research into how New Zealand disposes of their plastic. Alarmingly, she found that over 19 million tons of New Zealand’s plastic waste per annum was sent to China. She then found that China is no longer accepting New Zealand’s plastic waste because so much of it was not able to be recycled and was ending up in their landfills.  From now on New Zealand will be sending our plastic waste to places like Indonesia (and if you have been to Indonesia you will know that they can barely deal with their own plastic let alone the whole of New Zealand’s). We don't know how Indonesia will deal with our plastic waste or whether it will be made into reusable products, but there are only 3 places it can go if they don’t reuse it- the air, the land or in the sea.


The only way to stop plastic ending up in these places is by changing the way we use plastic and reducing our plastic use all together, which is the aim of Project Blue.


Project Blue will be travelling to all these destinations to document and help out, so why not give people the chance to come along? Therefore, you will find on our website a “trips” page where you can look at the trips we will be going on and register your interest to come along with us. Not all the Project Blue team will be coming along on the trips but you can! You don’t need to be a photographer/ videographer or anything of the sort, if you would like to come along and have fun with a group of likeminded individuals and make a difference to our planet then register your interest – we would love to have you!