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Whether you’re one with the waves, immersed with the fishies 20m below, wind-driven on the surface, behind a camera capturing the ocean’s power and beauty to share with others, or just here for a cheeky look – we welcome you to Project Blue’s Classroom! The Project Blue Crew are here because our own experiences have made it impossible not to be. We have each fallen in love with what the ocean gives us, and we all want to give something back (spoiler: you can too).

We know environmental issues aren’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but they are everyone’s problem. We aren’t here to preach to you about everything that’s wrong in the world – we’re guessing you’ve already heard. The thing is, information is only useful if we have the tools and motivation to turn it into action. Well well well, it must be your lucky day because you have made it to a pretty epic classroom that is bursting with new ideas and inspiration every week.

But first, we had better let you know how we wound up meeting you here. The Project Blue Crew have come together because living placidly in a world that desperately needs some motivated future-thinkers just didn’t seem right to us. We hail from the deep South to the winterless North of Aotearoa, finding our inspiration and passion from diverse places. No matter who you are or where you are from, we are all given the chance to go outside and explore our own backyards. There is always inspiration, and there is always mahi to do.

Project Blue was born out of one experience, and one decision to act. Plastic pollution is something we are sick of seeing almost every time we are in our place of solace. Now, twenty-five of us have come together to do something about this. Ocean plastic pollution is our project of choice, and we challenge you to find yours.

Whether you’re sick of a dwindling birdsong, want to swim in your local river again, hate food waste, or simply want to do something to shape a better future – we want to provide you with tools and inspiration to turn that into action. Follow us as we share inspiring initiatives, our experiences with companies, insights into start-ups, and so much more!

See you back here next week #fortheblue

Sib X

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