As most of the Project Blue team calls Aotearoa home, our film will be centered around our beautiful island nation. Filming here began in 2018 and is ongoing. A taster of missions to date includes coverage of our ‘Plastic Wave’ installation in Coromandel’s Whangamata, a weekend documenting the generation who will inherit the future in Otago’s Queenstown, and a very windy afternoon creating our Pledgeme campaign at Auckland’s Anawhata beach. As for the future - Aotearoa’s image as ‘Pure NZ’ is on its way out, with our consumption per capita landing us the title of one of the most wasteful nations in the developed world. Catch us out and about, documenting this crisis and the legendary Kiwi companies doing something about it, in the coming months.


JUNE 2019


On the 11th June Savannah, Matt, Liam, Adrianna, Conn, Maike & Lachie will be travelling to the Hawaiian Islands where they will begin our international film documentation. First up they will be visiting The island of Oahu, The Big Island followed by Kauai. Hawaii is a beautiful country with ocean everywhere you look, but with it being the closest country to the Great Pacific garbage patch, it has stood victim to the effects of plastic pollution for years. This legacy is evident along many of the nations coastlines. As always, the team is paying for the trip themselves, some of whom are working two jobs to cover the cost #fortheblue.

MARCH 2020


On the 9th of March 2020 Savannah, Matt, Georgie, Chloe and Gabriella will head to Kuala Lumpar to document the landfill and recycling facilities that Kiwi's send our rubbish to. We will also volunteer on Pom Pom Island for one week with an organisation called TRACC (Tropical Research and Conservation Centre).

JULY 2020